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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Dane and Conner
I’m not really sure when it happened, but sometime over the last year or so, Dane became the new Tom Curren. A bit reclusive, maybe the best surfer in the world, and just cooly strange. Their surfing is more similar than ever too. At points in this clip, if you’re only half paying attention, you might mistake Dane for Curren. The head snaps on top turns, the late-stage lip-climbs, the arm movements, the low, low center of gravity; it’s all there. Conner Coffin, the Boy King of Rincon, is striding off down that same path.

Pin-It, Episode 2: Sardinia, Italy
If Italy’s surf was any more consistent, there’d be a Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and a Roberto’s on every single corner. It’d be as crowded as Southern California, is what I’m saying. Warm water, great food, even better wine, incredible cars. Throw year-round waves in the mix, and the place would be done for. This clip features surf on Sardinia, a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean, which, I mean, of course there are waves there, but who would expect it. Bonus: Insane footage of Thurso in Scotland. That wave gets really, really good.

Nias Daze
Having never surfed there, Nias looks like the hardest-to-surf perfect wave in the world, or the easiest impossible-to-surf wave. It almost seems like it’s one vertical-degree away from being a right-handed Teahupoo. Maui locals Derek Escalera and Rafael Cursino cruised over to Lagundri in May and absolutely scored. Somebody almost axed the clip from this list by peace-signing their way through a POV tube shot, but the rest of the short is so strong, it makes up for the cliché.

Spring Rolls

Holy shit, France.

BONUS CLIP: Mike Hynson
Couldn’t help but throw in this charming ode to Mike Hynson’s beautiful blonde head of hair. Dude took his hair seriously, and you’ve gotta respect that. If you’ve ever paddled out without duck-diving and thought to yourself, “sweet, my hair still looks rad,” then you’ve got that in common with Hynson.

THROWBACK CLIP OF THE WEEK: The Kill 2: Rob Machado excerpt (1994)
Josh Pomer’s The Kill series were lo-fi ’90s surf-schlock goodness (the series lasted into the ’00s, yes, but that’s beside the point). Here we’ve got a young Rob Machado riding ENORMOUS surfboards at Pipe, and, you just don’t see that anymore. There was a point a couple years after this video came out, when, for a split second, it felt like Rob Machado was the best surfer in the world. And maybe he was; certainly nobody surfed with as much grace. Nobody has since, either.