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Although one of the most dramatic title race finishes in ASP history came to a close hours earlier, quite a few people at John John Florence’s Triple Crown celebration dinner last December were debating whether to stay on the North Shore or head to Micronesia. Arguments were mixed: The North Shore was guaranteed all-time conditions, but dense crowds; P-Pass would be massive, but winds could be problematic. Alex and Koa Smith, as well as a handful of others, took the risk and opted to bail one tiny speck in the Pacific for another. The gamble paid off in the form of picturesque blue barrels crashing over back-breaking coral heads. Or as Koa says, “You’re going to get the tube of your life or just take some crazy, mutant lip to the head.”

WATCH: North Shore – After The Chorus

Glory Box
While the Drug Aware Pro webcast cameras focused in on Margaret River, a hundred or so yards away The Box served heavy slabs for those willing to feast. And Josh Kerr stuffed himself.

WATCH: Ringside at The Box

Two Days
Dusty Payne, Mexican barrels and wedges. Enough said.

State Rd.
For Damien Hobgood, life after the Tour means cruising the California coastline, scoring rippable wedges and solid Ocean Beach barrels.

South West
Every time Jordy Smith releases a webclip, I can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t have a world title. If, or when, he turns on the contest machine, he will be tough to stop. Hopefully that moment comes soon, because surf fans could use a world champ from the young guard.