CLIP OF THE WEEK: Dale Staples, Skeleton Bay
We’re about six months away from the complete and total takeover of all surf video footage by the GoPro POV shot. Might as well get used to it. This Clip of the Week is yet again from inside the tube—this time it’s Dale Staples, on a perfect left that looks to be somewhere on the seas of Saturn’s moon Titan, but is in fact everybody’s favorite diamond-encrusted pointbreak in Namibia.

The Mentawais From Above
If like me you’re watching this clip from a dreary, fog-shrouded part of California, then also like me, you’re feverishly banging your credit card info into a airline website, buying a ticket to anywhere that looks this dreamy. What this clip lacks in world-class ripping, it makes up for with world-class perspective.

Vasco Ribeiro, Surfing Through Portugal
Vasco Ribeiro is destined to take control of the crown of Portuguese Prince once Tiago Pires abdicates. Which might be confusing for ASP fans not paying the closest of attention, because Ribeiro surfs a hell of a lot like Tiago—not a lot of bullshit in their approach, with a zealous commitment to rail.

Turn Around
This is funnier than it should be. The GoPro barrel selfie, set to Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” It makes all the sense in the world when you click on it, trust me.

THROWBACK CLIP OF THE WEEK: Sonny Miller and Tom Curren, the Search
We lost one of the most talented surf filmmakers we’ve ever seen this week when Sonny Miller unexpectedly passed away at 54. He brought a great deal of stoke into our lives through our VCRs and TVs, especially from his work with the Rip Curl Search campaign. Here he talks us through capturing Tom Curren’s first ever wave at J-Bay, a piece of surf history that will be cherished forever.