CLIP OF THE WEEK: Anthony Walsh, Indo
Just when you think: No, I cannot watch another POV tube clip, along comes Walsh and this soul-stirring bit of “look at me I’m barreled off my nut.” Turns out, there’s always room for more tube footage.

Surfing Rio!
World Cup fever is upon me. It is also upon this clip of senhores Pupo, Medina, Muniz, and Toledo, who occasionally wear a Neymar jersey into little Brazilian barrels, which is understandable because they are Brazilian, but unfortunate for them because Germany will be crushing Brazil in the semis.

Leo Fioravanti, Hawaii
Leo grew up in Italy surfing waves just like Pipe and Backdoor. Big, hollow, neck-snapping tubes—all just home cooking for the young Italian. He’s merely the most recent in a long, long lineage of Italian surfers, who, having cut their big-wave teeth on the heaving outer reef setups near the island of Atlantis, head to the North Shore and blow the place up.

Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart, Craig Anderson and friends, surfing some of the dreamiest waves imaginable, and playing some Jet Ski arcade games. Nice to see some footage of Ando, feels like it’s been a while. Imagine how good he would surf if he’d actually been born with functional human knees.

THROWBACK CLIP OF THE WEEK: Surfers: The Movie excerpt (1990)
Teenaged Slater, Tom Curren in his prime, Cheyne Horan and Shaun Tomson just past their primes, and George Greenough, all talking about stoke. That’s a pretty eclectic group of dudes alright, probably the weirdest roundtable in surf media history.