This Week in Webclips

The best videos of the week, all in one place

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Diamond of the Desert
It doesn’t matter how many times you watch this webclip, that first barrel is straight mind-numbing. If you’re watching it on a laptop, flip it upside down and watch the footage that way. Whole new world.

Flames and Frost
Just crazy, macking Shipstern’s Bluff, this time with some bodyboarding thrown in. The bodyboarding actually looks scarier. The wave must look so much bigger when you’re laying down. And there’s no way to jump off the board in a panic. No thanks.

Simon (“Slidemon,” get it?) Murdoch is pretty comfy on right pointbreaks. Please enjoy his well-rounded stylings.

Introducing Jordy Lawler
Another week, another underground kid just going bonkers in a world-class fashion. This time it’s Narrabeen teen Jordy Lawler.

THROWBACK CLIP OF THE WEEK: Cyclone Fever excerpt
Chris Bystrom spent a few months in 1994 videoing an epic Queensland season. If you like righthand sand-bottomed drainers, find a copy and enjoy. This throwback clip even has a little footage of Uncle Daryl Parkinson. You may have heard of his nephew, Joel.