This Week in Webclips

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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Teale Vanner, South Oz
Teale Vanner’s name is probably the source of a great deal of his surf power. Teale. Vanner. How could he not be a ripper? Waves this good and this empty can’t hurt either.

Ryan Moore, Single Fin at Rincon
Ryan Moore’s dad, Matt Moore, is a Rincon shaping legend. Ever heard of a guy named Tom Curren? Kinda famous in the Santa Barbara area? Curren was on the MM train for a bit. Anyway, Ryan’s clearly benefitted from a whole bunch of right pointbreak access.

Icaro Rodrigues, Overhead Psyche
The force of aerial surfing is strong with this one.

Noa Deane and Jay Davies, Cheese II
Morocco provides one hell of a scenic backdrop for one hell of a well-surfed clip.

Each Tuesday in August, Volcom is plunking down one of their classic surf flicks on the Interwebs, free of charge. This week it’s 2006’s Creepy Fingers, which is kind of a must-watch. Gavin Beschen is in it a bunch, which should be reason enough, but in case it isn’t, you can also feast your eyes on Bruce Irons, Ozzie Wright, and what looks to be about a four-year-old version of Andrew Doheny.