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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Lowers Amp Sessions
Ah, the joy of crowded Lowers on a hyped south swell. This last week the swell was so hyped that professional surfboard riders from all over the world beelined for sleepy little San Clemente and had themselves a good old time down there at the Trestle. You’d almost think there was a special event down there or something.

Dane Anderson, Covered in California

Leo Fioravanti in Sardinia
We’re a sucker for fun-looking waves in places that don’t seem like they should have any surf at all. Like Sardinia. Also, we’re suckers for Beschen-arms, which little Leo here employs in spades. Just look at those Beschenian cutbacks. Cutbacks fueled by all the incredible Italian food Leo gets to eat, everyday of his perfect damn life.

Murk an Irish Winter
Quick, name the last time you saw equestrian jumping in a surf clip. That’s what I thought. A little variety never hurt anybody. Big huge Atlantic waves have though, and these of the Irish variety look straight-up malicious. They want to hurt somebody. Thankfully not us, watching them from the safety of our digital cocoon.

THROWBACK CLIP OF THE WEEK: Angry Shea v. Angry Mike
Just yesterday, Scotland’s voters elected to stay part of the United Kingdom. Debates over Scottish independence got heated. Almost as heated as this row between Shea Lopez and Mike Todd at a ‘QS event in Scotland some years back. Shea’s performance is masterful. Goes from 0-enraged in half a second, then boasts like a pro wrestler after he sends Todd on his way. That’s just the kind of fire we need on the pro tour.