This Week in Webclips

A curated list of the best surf videos on the Internet

The style similarities between Noa Deane and Dane Reynolds are eerie, in a good way. Not to mention, Cheese’s art direction has a very Marine Layer Productions feel to it. What really tops this clip off though is the use of The Cure and The Adolescents for the soundtrack.

Mendia: On The Journey
A year’s worth of barrels and power hacks from working-class pro Peter Mendia. The main highlights are the opening section of Hurricane Sandy barrels, which scored him the February 2013 cover of SURFER.

Over the past few years, Luke Davis has come into his own, proving that he is more than just a teen-girl’s heartthrob with ever-changing hair color. In this clip, he puts on an absolute clinic in solid surf on his forehand.

After re-signing with Quiksilver for three years, top Australian junior Matt Banting put out this clip of a year’s worth of A+ footage. After watching this, it becomes very clear why Quiksilver wants him on their team for years to come.

A Mavericks Mauling
This is not an easy clip to watch. Alex Martins, a Mavericks standout and competitor on the Big Wave World Tour, takes the worst beating of his life while freesurfing earlier in the week before the Mavericks Invitational. Unfortunately, the wipeout was bad enough to keep him from competing in the event.