Surfer, podcaster, adventure seeker and experienced traveler Kyle Thiermann shares a few simple items he always packs when tropics-bound. From being prepared for the scorching sun to unexpected run-ins with federale extortionists, Thierman’s got you covered on those subjects and more in the surf hacks above and the checklist below.

1. Grapefruit seed extract – This all natural antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-fungal solution can save your trip by preventing and treating ear infections.

2. Swim Fins – You never know when you’ll get skunked on a surf trip but fins will help ensure a good time if you do. You can purchase a set of DaFin swim fins here.

3. Fannypack – Fashionably goofy but a safe and assuring place for your passport, buy now.

4. Wide-brimmed HatProtect ya neck from the sun.

5. Natural Sunscreen – Make sure it’s oxybenzone and octinoxate free to protect the reefs, Hawaii has already passed legislation to ban sunscreens containing these chemicals and more tropical surf locales may follow. Thiermann recommends Avasol.

6. Sun Mask – Protect your face from the sun.

7. Money Belt – May help preserve a little cash for yourself when getting extorted by greedy federales.

8. Two Lacrosse Balls in a Sock – Get those knots out of your back and ready for more waves, click here to learn how.

9. Jump Rope – If you still want to get your work out on for some reason while you’re on a surf trip, and you haven’t given yourself noodle arms yet, then toss one in your bag. Maybe you’ll be able to get in the good graces of some locals through some Double Dutch and they’ll give you more waves.

10. Boardshorts – “Because there’s only so many places in the world you can surf naked.”