SAVE THE PARKING LOT? Windansea Locals Protest The Loss of Parking Space

Protestors convened and one sent to jail as demolition of the beloved parking area overlooking Windansea began early on the morning of September 3.

Construction workers arrived around 6:00 a.m. to begin the proposed renovations, along with the La Jolla Police Deparment. The LJPD made one arrest after a brief dispute between a worker and a protestor, but remained on hand the rest of the day to quell the otherwise peaceful display of surfers who opposed the alteration of their beach.

One impassioned graffiti-scrawled message read “Save our heritage!”

Historically, parking lots have never been iconic of heritage, but locals begrudgingly mourn the loss as the parking lot will allegedly be replaced by sidewalks, benches, and coastal access stairways.

Some aren’t taking the change lightly. They feel this will only cause more problems for parking and congestion. Some locals feel marginalized, claiming the city, “just sorta pushed us out,” as one Windansea regular remarked.

The city of La Jolla hopes to accomplish a more relaxed, family environment. This comes on the heels of the recent alcohol ban for San Diego beaches in 2008. The prohibition still allowed alcohol consumption, and perhaps a little loitering among Windansea campers. Although San Diego Municipal Code allowed drinking in this area of Windansea, the removal of the lot will no longer allow for such activities.

Some locals were distraught at this change of scenery, but the City Council has already approved and initiated the plan. The general vibe out in the water is that of reluctant acceptance.