Annual Windansea Menehune Surf Contest

  • WHEN: Sat. and Sun. Oct. 5-6, 2002
  • WHERE: La Jolla Shores
  • WHO: Any and all kids. This contest is for kids (boys and girls) ages 5-19.
  • WHY: The original Windansea Surf Club Menehune Contest started in the 60’s and ran through the early 70’s. Acouple years ago, we revived the contest and last year expanded it toinclude a Junior division as well. It is held at the La Jolla Shores, andalso includes a Pizza and Video Party for the kids at the La JollaRecreation Center. Anyone can enter, though the divisions have been fillingup fast with kids.

It is a competition, but everyone receives a generous goody bag (BIG THANKSTO ALL THE GREAT SPONSORS!!), and the younger kids (12 and under) all getparticipant trophies. It is really a fun event that showcases many of theyoungest up and comers in the So Cal surf scene.

It’s actually fun just to watch the little kids rip it up, and wewill have booths and all kinds of raffle prizes and so on. It’s a very niceway to bring together the older surfers with the very newest ones. A link toour website is as follows:

Hope to see you at the beach!

  • Cordon Baesel
  • Secretary
  • Windansea Surf Club