Maybe there’s something after all to the fear that wave pools will produce a wave of hyper-talented surfers who’ve never surfed an ocean wave in their lives who will then descend upon our favored beaches. Look at Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton here deciding to take on surfing as a new hobby for the new year.

Seems to have little trouble gingerly navigating the artificial wave faces, even making a pretty sweet jet ski assisted mid-face takeoff that many of us decades-long surfers would probably struggle with.

Granted, Hamilton is a world-class athlete with hand-eye coordination that would blow our feeble minds, and, accustomed to racing around the fancy parts of Monaco and Dubai at 200 mph, Kelly’s Wave probably seems hilariously slow and tame by comparison.

But still, mid-face step offs for beginner surfers? Maybe the wave pool-trained surfers really will be coming for all of us.


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