Social media is shaking shit up once again, and this time it could affect how you consume full-length surf movies. A couple days ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that Instagram is flirting with the idea of launching a new long-form video feature, possibly allowing users to upload and share vids up to an hour in length. The sources who leaked this info also said that Instagram has been in talks with publishers and content creators about making long-form content specifically for IG.

At first glance, this might mean absolutely nothing to you–except that you should probably unfollow certain people who should never have access to that type of platform.

But if you think about it, such a change could, in theory, have a huge impact on how content creators (like pro surfers and surf filmmakers) distribute content and on how viewers (like you) view that content. Imagine getting to watch Taylor Steele's next cinematic, full-length shred edit while scrolling through your IG feed.

If you're under the age of 25, you most likely consume surf content on YouTube or Vimeo anyways, so this change would likely just streamline your social and surf-flick-viewing experiences. But if you're still mourning the death of VHS tapes and buying DVDs from your local surf shop, you might feel like shaking your Luddite fists at the thought of surf films going further down the digital rabbit hole.

There's a chance the feature would only allow vertical video (similar to the structure of IG Stories), which could be a super annoying format for anyone who wanted to create and post full-length content. But WSJ's sources say that nothing is set in stone at the moment and the idea is subject to change.

If this new feature does come to fruition–and if surf filmmakers chose to take advantage of such a thing–how will you feel about it? Would you spend 45 minutes watching a full-length surf film on Instagram? Do you care? Or do you feel like esteemed film director David Lynch on the whole matter?