WQS Surfers Eye the Prospect of World Tour Qualification

Checking In With WQS Tour Manager Al Hunt

It's that time again. Bubble time. Where about twenty five surfers who have committed a year's worth of cash, sky miles, and dreams bite their nails on the North Shore - anxiously sitting on the cusp of a huge career break or a modest reassessment and renewal of their own competitive ambition. With the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing entering its ultimate rounds, we decided to map out the situation for these competitors, checking in with WQS Tour Manager Al Hunt.

"The Top 15 cutoff has moved slightly upward from 12,125 to 12,200 and is looking like being around that 12,500 mark," says Hunt of the WQS leaders' chances of qualifying for the 2010 ASP World Tour.

"On the [WQS] ratings, there are lots of minor placing changes, as usual, but what has happened is that the group of surfers between 11th and 24th are now only less than 900 points apart."

After Haleiwa, Jay "Bottle" Thompson was able to secure a spot on next year's tour by moving from 14th to 6th in the ratings, as well as California's Nate Yeomans.

"The Top 9 are now all over 13,000 with Matt Wilkinson slightly behind on 12,850. From Matt in 10th to 11th however is a big batch of over 500 points so a great result in the O'Neill World Cup is required," says Hunt. "Most surfers are carrying a low score of more than 1,100 so will need a 17th or better. On the points' possibilities all the way down to 39th could possibly make 12,500 points and come from nowhere with a last event win."

"In reality though, down to about 25th have a reasonable chance." says Hunt.

So these last few rounds at Sunset, while always entertaining to the webcast watchers of the world, may be the most important event of these men's careers.

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Current Top 25 WQS Ratings
1 Ross,Daniel AUS
2 Gudauskas,Patrick USA
3 Andre,Jadson BRA
4 Wright,Owen AUS
5 Melling,Adam AUS
6 Thompson,Jay AUS
7 Yeomans,Nathan USA
8 Munro,Luke AUS
9 Simpson,Brett USA
10 Wilkinson,Matt AUS
11 Logie,Travis ZAF
12 Polo,Marco BRA
13 Thornton,Blake AUS
14 Dornelles,Rodrigo BRA
15 Courtney,Drew AUS
16 Gudauskas,Tanner USA
17 Duru,Joan FRA
18 Payne,Dusty HAW
19 Ware,Austin USA
19 Zubizarreta,Gony ESP
21 Atkinson,Dion AUS
22 Miranda,Bernardo BRA
23 Hall,Glenn IRL
24 Jackson,Brandon ZAF
25 Cardoso,Willian BRA