Herbie Fletcher recycles Pipeline carnage into art installations

Each board lost its life at Pipe before being resurrected as art in New York by Herbie Fletcher. Photo: Dibi Fletcher

Words and Photos by Dibi Fletcher

The crates carrying the broken surfboards arrived on the 8th of February while the snow was coming down and huge drifts were piling up along the sidewalk. These broken boards, previously owned by some of the legends of surfing, were laid on the floor of the gallery. It was strange to see them all lined up with people walking by outside bundled up for the 28 degree weather.

The exhibition started to really take shape when our friend Julian Schnabel got involved. What had looked like a sea of broken boards floating in the white water of the gallery floor were lifted and given significant positions on six of the gallery walls. The Wrecktangles tell a story that can be appreciated by anybody, regardless of whether one possessed any knowledge of surfing. From the juxtaposition of the broken jagged shapes to the placement of the pros corporate sponsorship logos, these once perfect, custom-made waveriding tools all broken in the massive tubes at Pipeline were put together to create a dynamic piece of contemporary surf culture on display from the unique imagination of Herbie.

Wrecktangles by Herbie Fletcher, at the Hole NYC, 312 Bowery, NY, opened on February 9th.