This morning, the WSL fired off a press release with some good news for fans of corked-out aerial antics: the Red Bull Airborne Series is back, and it’s expanding into a three-stop tour, hitting the Gold Coast, Keramas (um, yes, please) and Hossegor.

Word of an airshow revival first sparked up around the camp fire around the same time former World Tour flyboy Josh Kerr announced his retirement from competition in 2017. Since then, he’s been busy drumming up support from Red Bull, creating a tweaked version of the original airshow format, and getting some of the heaviest aerial hitters in the game to converge in Hossegor during the fall of last year (to read a comprehensive history of the airshows, from the first event in Santa Cruz in 1996 to the recent revival, click here).

Hossegor offered no shortage of ramps last fall, and the Gold Coast should offer plenty of performance opportunities as well. But it’s probably safe to say that Keramas is going to be the star of this series, with every invitee salivating at the thought of those perfectly-shaped Balinese launchpads.

No word yet on who the invitees will be for the series, or if it will be a rotating cast of punters changing with each event. But based on the all-star lineup Kerr and co. assembled for their Hossegor outing, you can imagine they’ll be bringing some serious talent to the table.

Stay tuned for news about the Airborne Series opener on the Gold Coast, just a month and change away.