In a press release today, the World Surf League announced that Pritamo Ahrendt has been appointed as WSL Head Judge. Ahrendt is no stranger to the judges’ booth, he’s spent the last 19 years scoring waves for the WSL/ASP. Ahrendt will be replacing Rich Porta, who took the office in 2010. Porta will remain with the WSL but in a new role, which will involve working with the Commissioners’ Office “on initiatives related to judging development.”

“It has been an honor to work for the WSL/ASP for the past 19 years, and I am humbled to move into the role of WSL Head Judge,” said Ahrendt in the press release. “It has been a privilege to watch the highest level of surfing and to critically analyze it. I am excited for this opportunity to oversee the panel and ensure the judging is fair and consistent, while also adapting as the world’s best surfers break down new performance barriers.”

Placing an objective score on something as expressive as surfing has, and always will be, a challenge. It will be interesting to see how Ahrendt’s gavel will fall in the 2018 ‘CT season and beyond.