Victor DeJesus is the lead meteorologist for WaveWatch, SURFER, Surfing and SG magazines' (respectively) new surf cam and forecasting website. An avid surfer for 16 years, DeJesus's passion for riding waves is second only to his hobby-turned-profession of forecasting the arrival of those waves. He holds a degree in meteorology from Florida State University, where DeJesus was oft-rumored to skip up to an entire week of academia in pursuit of perfect Gas Chambers. — Scott Bass

SURFERMAG.COM: There has been quite a buzz about WaveWatch. What exactly is it?

VICTOR DEJESUS: WaveWatch is our new website that boasts a combination of expert regional surf forecasts, state-of-the-art streaming cameras, and all of the latest bells and whistles from NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] and the National Weather Service…plus a few surprises.

SURFERMAG.COM: When you say "expert regional forecasts," what exactly do you mean?

VICTOR DEJESUS: We've developed relationships with well-respected surf forecasters. Guys that are absolutely tuned in to their specific areas: Mark Sponsler from, Ben Madsen from SwellNet in Australia, Steve Pike from South Africa, Carlos Galassi from Brazil, just to name a few.

SURFERMAG.COM: You mentioned surprises—without giving up the farm, can you offer some insight into these surprises? Is there something similar to LOLA ['s computer modeling forecaster]?

VICTOR DEJESUS: Yeah there is something similar to LOLA, but there is more too. But first let me say that the guys at do a great job. Many of the guys over there are good friends of mine. I'm not trying to rain on their parade. I'm just doing what I love and what I'm good at. But yeah, we've customized our own program with the help of some experts in the field of meterology.

SURFERMAG.COM: Cool. What about cams? I know people can be sensitive about those.

VICTOR DEJESUS: We've avoided really sensitive areas like, say, La Jolla reefs or PV [Palos Verdes]. We definitely avoided areas that were off the beaten path.

SURFERMAG.COM: There's a rumor going around the office that you're going to offer the service for free. How do you pull that off?

VICTOR DEJESUS: Yeah, we figured out a way to make it free. That's actually one of the coolest aspects of WaveWatch. The users don't have to pay a dime. We've never raised the price on our users [Laughs]. It's totally free, streaming cams and all.

SURFERMAG.COM: How often are you going to provide forecasts?

VICTOR DEJESUS: Forecasts for U.S. locations will be offered every day at or around 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Select international locales will be updated twice a week.

SURFERMAG.COM: When can we look forward to logging on to

VICTOR DEJESUS: We're looking at a late April launch, right around the BodyGlove SurfBout at Lowers. A couple of weeks from now.

SURFERMAG.COM: Is there a Lowers cam?

VICTOR DEJESUS: [Laughs] No, that would fall under the "sensitive area" category. [Laughs] Even though you can see it from the freeway!