The 19th Annual Xcel Pro

Big Surf Hits North Shore Postponing the Xcel Pro

Sunset Beach, Hi-The 19th Annual Xcel Pro has been postponed for today, Tuesday due to closed out surf at Sunset Beach. Waves in the fifteen to eighteen foot range at 6:00 am consistently washed through the lineup. The waves are forecasted to slowly drop today with a potential for start up on Wednesday should the break become manageable.

The swell peaked early this morning in the 20-23 foot range with some areas of the Kamehameha highway being washed by the Pacific Ocean. According to island forecaster Patrick Caldwell, this swell should keep surf at the ‘Waimea Bay’ level today and within the next eighteen to twenty four hours back down.

The Xcel Pro has two days left to run within the next twelve days and the patterns up in the northwest Pacific ocean show signs of more low pressure brewing. On the last day of competition, a longboard expression session will be run featuring the top Hawaiians including past winner, three time World Champion Rusty Keaulana of Makaha, Bonga Perkins, Dino Miranda, Lance Hookano, Duane DeSoto, Kanoa Dahlin and Hawaiian Longboard Federation’s champion Keegan Edwards. Last year, the longboarders displayed some real big wave riding skills in challenging the massive fifteen foot surf with Keaulana catching a wave from Sunset Point and connecting to the inside west peak as the section jacked into an eighteen foot wave and completing one of the longest waves ever ridden at the break.

For Xcel Pro contest information daily call the Surf News Network hotline at 808.586.7873.

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