Check out the X Foil Fin…

SurfCo Hawaii, developers of Nose Guards, Diamond Tips, Pro Teck Fins, and other unique surfing products, proudly introduces the new and improved X Foil Pro Teck Fins.

The X Foil is a new sharper, thinner, and extended flexible trailing edge. It helps you surf smoother, faster, and more fluid than the original Pro Teck Fins. Team riders are raving about how the X Foil makes their boards ride smoother, faster, with more flow down the line and through turns.

Kekoa Cazimero, a 12 year old team rider says: “I am able to surf faster, smoother, and a lot more fluid with the new X Foil Pro Teck Fins. I won my division in the Local Motion Surf Into Summer and the Hawaii Amateur Surfing Championship contests with these new fins, and they really help me surf better!”

Dino Miranda, professional longboarder, tested the new 4.25″ X Foil side fins with the 7″ Super Flex center Pro Teck and reports: “My board rides noticeably smoother, faster, my turns are more fluid, and my bottom turns have more drive and projection. These are my favorite fins!”

David Skedeleski, developer of Pro Teck Fins, states: “I am very pleased and surprised that the simple refinements we made in the trailing edges, make such a big difference in performance. The new trailing edges are also more flexible and safer. Pro Teck Fins are the only fins in the world that can offer sharp trailing edges that improve performance and are safe! I think we are onto something really good for surfers.”

The new X Foils also come with new edge colors. The regular edge flex is now available in a cool Tint Yellow or Smoke. The stiff edge is available in a rich Pearl White or Silver.

The X Foil will be available at local surf shops, in the 4.25″ for FCS by the end of June, and 4.50″ for FCS at the end of July. They will be available for all sizes and systems by the end of the year, and sell for about $50.00 per set. by the end of the year, and sell for about $50.00 per set.