Yoga for Surfers

Taylor Knox and Rochelle Ballard Featured in “Yoga for Surfers”

San Clemente, CA – Top professional surfers Taylor Knox and Rochelle Ballard showcase their superfit physiques while demonstrating surf-specific yoga poses in the newly-released “Yoga for Surfers” video, available in surf shops, yoga studios, and online at

“Yoga changed my surfing – and my life,” explains Knox, a noted big-wave charger admired for his powerful, fluid surfing style. “Surfing is all about being flexible and loose, and nothing helps more than yoga.”

Avid surfers Peggy and David Hall of San Clemente, California created and produced this unique video. “Yoga and surfing have a natural connection,” explains Peggy, a certified yoga instructor, “and we wanted to share with other surfers the infinite sea of benefits yoga offers!”

This beautifully-crafted video, filmed at Ballard and Knox’s favorite surf breaks on the North Shore and in Carlsbad, California includes inspiring surf footage and expert yoga instruction designed to:

  • Prevent injury
  • Increase strength, flexibility, balance, and focus
  • Speed recovery time between surf sessions

Yoga for Surfers includes three unique yoga routines:

* Pre-Surf Session: Flexibility and Focus
A perfect warm-up before surfing, this flowing routine will awaken and energize the entire body.

* Water Session: Energy and Confidence
Simple moves to do on your board to stay loose, warm, and focused between sets. * Post-surf Session: Stretching and Rejuvenation
Calm your mind, rejuvenate your body, and shorten your recovery time between surf sessions.

Whether you’re new to surfing, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, you’ll find that practicing yoga will do more than just improve your surfing – it will enhance every aspect of your life!

“Every surfer should discover yoga,” says surfing pro Rochelle Ballard.

  • Volume I Yoga for Surfers VHS (40 min)$24.95DVD (55 min)$29.95
  • Volume II Fluid Power Yoga for Surfers available December 2002(DVD only) $29.95
  • Order online at