Ever show up at your local break to see a pile of trash on the beach, an oil slick in the water, a cliff crumbling down into the sea, or anything else that might be threat to a surf spot or the beach in general?

Save the Waves wants to know about it. So they've built an app called Endangered Waves that lets you report on ocean pollution and wave-threatening issues wherever you see them.

Take a picture of the offending situation, geotag it, then send it to Save the Waves through the app. They'll alert the proper authorities and start remedying the situation. All based on your watchful eye.

The app is available for iOS and Android, here, or on iTunes.

"We are super excited about this project because it means that every surfer can make a difference at their spot. Right now we want to get this out in the world and gather as much data as possible, as well as getting everyone's feedback to make this app better," said Save The Waves Executive Director, Nik Strong-Cvetich. "We are also soliciting partners who want to receive this data from our users"

To make sure the app is the best it can be, Save the Waves is hoping to get 2,000 downloads in the next few weeks, then get as much feedback as possible. They're even running a little giveaway to goose up user response.

They'll send out 200 user surveys, and give everybody who responds a Pela eco phone case.
Save The Waves also seeks your feedback in improving the app for further development with a goal 2,000 downloads by July 30th and 200 user-feedback responses to the survey. For each person responding to the survey, we have teamed up with Pela Case to provide anyone who fills out the survey with a Save The Waves co-branded eco phone case. STW will unroll the app live and feature training at the Live Is A Wave Gala event, June 21.

Save The Waves will use this data to better track and prioritize coastal threats, educate users, and share with coastal agencies and partners to take action worldwide. In the future, The Endangered Waves Mobile app will feature place-based challenges to solve specific coastal issues, while incentivizing the winners with prizes. Here's how you can help:

1. Download the app
2. Fill out the survey here and win a Save The Waves x Pela Phone case
3. Donate here: Help us get to $10,000 to support the development of the App by End of June!