YOUNG GUNS 3 PREMIERE Bullets Fly At Quiksilver Headquarters

Quiksilver knows how to throw a party. It's not rocket science; the ingredients are pretty universal, but when they combine in that intangible way they did for the premiere of Young Guns 3 on Thursday night they morph into something special – something noteworthy indeed.

What's the secret recipe? Multimillion dollar headquarters – check. Free entry, food, alcohol, and live band – check those four off. Nearly a thousand good-looking, stoked attendees – check. How about the best surf footage of the best young surfers in the world? Check that one off a few times. All that's left to do is fire up the oven and grab a wand, because something magical is in the making.

Watch the trailer here!

The magic was omnipresent. As one of the most highly anticipated surf movie premieres in recent memory, there's a lot of hype to live up to. It’s not always such a simple thing to please a crowd, but a sure-fire way to appease the masses is by delivering a quality product. Anyone who left Quik's Huntington Beach Headquarters is guaranteed to be a walking advertisement for Young Guns 3. It's not a difficult phenomenon to understand; the movie was incredible.

From Clay Marzo's smashing opener to Julian Wilson's devastating closer and everything in between, the surf action was top notch. These kids lived up to their highly esteemed titles, and set an ambitious precedent for the future.

“We wanted to make a movie that surfers of all ages could get stoked on. It’s not a barrel flick, it’s not an air flick and it’s not an Indo-only flick. It’s an all-around surf video for people to watch and hopefully want to surf more,” commented Dane Reynolds on the expansive nature of YG3.

The newest YG installment not only showcases the mind-blowing innovation from Ry Craike, Dane Reynolds and crew, but also celebrates Jeremy Flores' graduation to the WCT and the subsequent induction of Quiksilver's newest gun slinger: brace-faced menace, Garret Parkes. Watch out for this kid. His segment holds water against all of his Young Gun colleagues, and that's quite an achievement for a fifteen-year-old.

Graduate, Jeremy Flores, agrees. “I think we all did our best. People have been waiting a long time for this move and I hope we don’t dissappoint.”

Don’t worry, Jeremy. No one was dissappointed. Speaking of – things just wouldn’t be quite the same sans Kelly.

Kelly makes an appearance, performing with superhuman flawlessness, but ultimately, this film underscores the potency of the up and comers. Surfing has evolved to a much different, more radical place than anyone may have ever expected, and Young Guns 3 boldly cements that evolution. Ranging the world's oceans from Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia and Fiji the film offers a wide variety of world-class waves, and splashes a welcome cog into the reel of overused film locations.

When asked about the possibility of Young Guns 4, Clay Marzo responded, “I was exhausted, mate (after YG3). I don’t know if I could throw down that much footage (for) another one. Besides, we’ll be too old.”

Old or dead. These days it seems you’ve got to choose whether to keep up or get caught in the crossfire. Grab a bullet proof vest or a berretta, because the young guns are shooting straight from the hip. The waterways have changed. If you blink you're gone, so get your hands on this video, peel your eyes wide, and enjoy the ride because Russian roulette's never been more fun.


“I wish I was a Youg Gun,”
Brad Gerlach upon seeing Ry Craike with 4 girls on his arm.

“We should’ve surfed in thigh-high retro boardshorts.”
Dane Reynolds on what he would have changed about the film.