The curtains go up tonight for the third-annual Florida Surf Film Festival, which runs Friday, November 18 through Saturday, November 20, at Jacksonville’s Atlantic Center for the Arts. Here are a few of our favorites for your weekend, Florida.

Friday, November 18, 9:30PM: Homemade, by Alex DePhillipo (Short, 4 min.) and South to Sian, by Dustin Humphrey (Short, 53 min.)

New York filmmaker Alex DePhillipo will premiere a short self-portrait of sorts, “a collection of 16mm film [on which] I’ve been lucky enough to capture some great moments with friends around the world,” says DePhllipo. Following that will be Dustin Humphrey’s beautiful South to Sian, a fim following two Australian stylists, Zye Norris and Harrison Roach, as they take the long way to Lagundri Bay.

Friday, November 18, 8PM: Rhymes With Shove, by Jamie Brisick (Short, 6 min.).

Writer Christian Beamish will sit down with Jamie Brisick for an interview and slideshow of Brisick's selected photographs (45-55 min.)

Friday, November 18, 6PM: It Ain't Pretty, by Dayla Soul (Feature, 70 min.)

San Francisco-based filmmaker Dayla Soul’s beautiful short doc on a tight band of female hellwomen who charge Ocean Beach.

Saturday, November 19, 6PM: Positive Vibrations, by Graham Nash (Short, 25 min.)

Graham Nash’s beautiful documentary tells the story of a group of Jamaican surfers building a beautiful community, and benefiting from the generosity and kindness of the Positive Vibe Warriors.

Saturday, November 19, 8PM: Given, by Jess Bianchi (Feature, 75 min.)

A gorgeous and moving family portrait and travel doc about Aamion Goodwin and his wife, former World Champion longboarder Daize Shayne Goodwin, as they retrace the round-the-world trip Aamion’s father took with him when he was a child, this time with the Goodwin’s two beautiful young children in tow. Narrated by their first son, Given, who gives the film its title, Bianchi’s film is a remarkable portrait of a family who chooses to raise children on their own terms.

Sunday, November 20, 8PM: Let's Be Frank, by Peter Hamblin (Feature, 50 min.)

Peter Hamblin’s wonderful experimental/semi-fictional profile of South African surfer Frank Solomon, one of the most unique and hilarious surf films to arrive in years.