Bits of internet gold handpicked by your favorite surfers

Pro surfers have more downtime than most. Photo: Glaser

The premise is simple enough: We all love wasting time in the great interweb, pro surfers possibly more so, so let’s see what we can find in the vast YouTube universe. What follows is the first installment of surfers' favorite internet clips, for your profound enjoyment.

Sterling Spencer:
Midget Indian Dancing
“A cool video i found of Tonino Benson when he was younger…”

Alex Gray:
Call on Me
“If this workout class existed, I would be fitter than Alana Blanchard after a bottom turn clinic. Even though I haven’t found this class yet, my stamina has skyrocketed!”

CJ Hobgood:
High School Hurdles
“Never give up.”

Laura Enever:
You can watch this 100 times and still laugh
“The name says it all. You feel bad for laughing (it’s a bit mean, actually), but you cant help it!”

Dillon Perillo:
Touch the Rainbow
“Make sure you keep your finger on the skittle, you’ll be glad you did!”

Staff Pick:
Hitler’s Surf Trip Ruined
We have to hand it to the fellas down under at Austalia’s Surfing Life for putting words in Hitler’s mouth, and ruining his Indo trip.