YouTube’d 2.0

Bits of internet gold handpicked by your favorite surfers

Shane Dorian and the SURFER crew end a late night in Hawaii with some YouTube hysteria. Photo: Glaser

You've been YouTube'd before, but the internet is a mysterious beast that never sleeps and never stops pumping out entertaining tidbits. Below you will find the second installment of surfers' favorite online clips, for your web-wandering satisfaction.

Bede Durbidge
Funny Talking Animals
"This is one of my favorites. I just love the little squirrel in it. He is classic."

Ace Buchan
I’m a Snake
"Jake 'The Snake' Patterson seems to have channeled his competitive fire into new areas since his retirement!"

Tanner Gudauskas
Chad Goldwasser!
"Reagan Ritchie was down in Bells filming with Patrick for the contest and freesurf fun. Daniel Shea sent this video to Reagan to show Patrick every day to get him psyched for Bells. Daniel had Patrick on his Fantasy Surfer team. Chad Goldwasser must be some kind of a motivation speaker or something 'cause this guy can get ya going! No bad days after I found this little YouTube sensation!"

Yadin Nicol
The Dickhead Song
"Hipster wankers shit me, so this song makes me laugh. Hope you like it!"

SURFER Staff Pick
Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2009
According to the official Cheese-Rolling in Gloucestershire website, “only” 18 people were injured during the event, 10 of which were spectators, and six people fainted just from watching it. Let the good times roll…