9’6″ x 22 1/2″

"I started shaping when I was 10, just making boards in my garage," says 18-year-old shaper and logger Zack Flores. "I started by watching Jim Phillips—I just sat in his room for 2 years watching him shape boards. Now I pretty much do everything myself and use Jim's old templates. This longboard was a template from Jim. It's really, really thin and knifedout on the rails, which can be surfed more under the surface of the water. If you're noseriding, it's not like a heavy, thick log where you have a lot of foam on top of the water, so it's faster and you can control it easier—it's really like a huge mid-length. I always put a hard edge in the nose of my longboards for that little extra lift. I've been doing a lot of stuff with edges, like micro-edges and stuff you barely notice. All my longboards are really flexy, too, so you can manipulate where you are on the wave when you're noseriding and also they give you a little more spring offffffff of a turn."

Zack Flores is featured in SURFER’s new film “Handmade,” a tribute to surfers who build their own craft, watch here.

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