Zietz Wins the Triple Crown

The 24-year-old Kauaian clinches the Triple Crown title at Pipeline

Sebastian Zietz, crowd surfing on his way to the podium after claiming the Triple Crown Title. Photo: ASP.

Sebastian Zietz is on a hot streak. After a string of solid results throughout the year, he would have had a shot at qualifying for the World Tour no matter where the season ended. But with the season ending in his home state--in waves that he has been a standout in his entire life--he got to have his cake and eat it too. A win at Haleiwa locked down his place on the 2013 World Tour, a finals appearance at Sunset secured his wildcard into the Pipe Masters, and his Round 2 victory today at Pipeline earned him the 2012 Triple Crown Championship--as well as $100,000, a $10,000 watch, and a really shiny motorcycle.

By the time his Round 2 heat hit the water, Sunset champ Adam Melling was the only surfer left in the event with a chance to overtake Zietz for the Triple Crown Title. Luckily for Zietz, Miguel Pupo had an agenda of his own when he faced off against Melling, threading two Pipeline tubes with impeccable style. While Melling sat waiting for a buzzer beater that would never come, Danny Fuller, Rico Jimenez, Dustin Barca, and their all-Hawaiian posse hoisted Zietz into the air on a surfboard, redefining "crowd surfing" as he stood tall en route to the stage.

Zietz already has plenty to celebrate between his Triple Crown victory and well-deserved spot on next year's World Tour roster, but after a decisive win over Pipe virtuoso John Florence in Round 3, it seems that Zietz is content to keep his streak going.

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