Gavin's Utopia

In the midst of winter, countless surfers descend upon the tiny stretch of paradise between Haleiwa and Sunset Beach on Oahu’s North Shore. From the lineup at Pipe to the parking lot at Foodland, negotiating the crowds is an art form for those that call the North Shore home, and few navigate the pack with more style and grace than Gavin Beschen. To Beschen, it’s obvious why so many people make the pilgrimage every year. “It’s a piece of heaven,” he says. Twenty years after relocating to a house near Rocky Point from his hometown of San Clemente, Beschen is still loving the paradise that he found.

“The ocean gives and
takes. It teaches us,
and that’s something
to be thankful for.
With our time on earth being
so short, it’s important
to be in the water
as much as possible.”
Photo: Ellis

“Let your kids follow their own dreams.
Don’t push them in any direction,
but always be there to support them.
Always be positive and
help shed light from above.”
Photo: Lowe-White

"The people who you look up to
as a kid influence your surfing for life.
I grew up looking up to guys like
Dino Andino, Matt Archbold,
and the McNulty brothers in San Clemente.
Those guys never judged me, and I
was lucky to have the support."
Photo: Parry

"You go through phases in your life.
Things happen and they change you.
I think that’s reflected in the way
you navigate through your time on earth,
and through surf sessions, too."
Photo: Lowe-White

"My good uncle always says,
'Keep it smooth and glassy.'
During times when it’s hard,
with family or just getting by,
try your best to stay calm
and be positive."
Photo: Noyle

“Spending time with
the ocean is like a big hug
from your best friend,
like coming home to the dog
and having the dog smile at you.
It’s unconditional love.”
Photo: Lowe-White

"If you don’t get a good wave today,
maybe you’ll get a good one tomorrow.
I’ve reached a point in my surfing where I don’t
want to just go on any wave and get wiped out.
I like to conserve my energy and get a good one."
Photo: Carey

"Being close to the ocean
is the best thing
you could ask for.
For me, living at Rocky Rights
makes the access so quick,
and since the conditions
change so much around here,
if you’re not paying attention,
you’ll miss some amazing waves."
Photo: Lowe-White

"That’s what surfing is all about:
a worldwide connection of
everybody loving the same ocean.
We’re all connected that way."
Photo: Christie

"I am so in love with
the ocean and what it
provides for my soul,
and it will always be
necessary to have it
in my life."
Photo: Christie