All portraits by Jimmicane

Interview by Michael Ciaramella

If the GoPro revolution of the past decade were a religion (and many treat it that way), Anthony Walsh would be the messiah. The chosen one. Bodhisattva in boardies. The guy has the GoPro-gram so dialed that he doesn’t even take a photographer or filmer with him on most trips. So when the six of the world’s best 14-year-olds learned that Anthony would be joining them for the 2016 Grom Games — to serve as a mentor on everything from camera settings, angles and editing — the kids knew they were entering the POV promised land.

For 10 days, they shot footage while getting barreled, punting airs, exploring the Uluwatu caves, goofing around the villa and hucking themselves over the falls in 6-foot shorebreak. It was a grom’s fantasyland at 120 frames per second. Then, at the end of the trip, they each made an edit with the footage they had and submitted it to Anthony and the SURFING staff for review. The winner got valuable Grom Games points and arguably more valuable USD ($1,000!). Below you’ll find each of their edits, along an interview with the GoPro guru himself. Enjoy!

What exactly is your role at GoPro?

I’m an athlete for GoPro, but I also work on events for them. I’m in Teahupo’o right now for the world tour event and I’ll be doing the GoPro Live filming from the back of the ski, along with the GoPro Challenge at this event. So I’ll be giving the guys cameras and editing their footage. I also do some production stuff, so yeah, a bit of everything really.

So tell me about the Grom Games trip in Bali. Any funny stories?

That was pretty fun hanging out with all the groms. I was mostly in the car with Al and Motta, and they were kinda talking shit to everyone in Spanish because the other groms couldn’t understand them, so that was pretty funny. Overall everyone was mellow though. There was no drama, and all the kids were surfing really good.

Tell me about the inspiration behind the GoPro competition that you guys had going on.

Surfing approached me and said we want to introduce the GoPro into the Grom Games. We thought it would be cool to get all the groms filming and get all their personalities out there for the world to see, on top of their surfing of course. I was there to facilitate the process and make sure they know how to work all the GoPro gear.

Did it seem like the kids enjoyed the process?

Yeah they would get really excited when they’d get a good clip. They loved the drone footage and then I’d show them how to cut it all together. A few of them had never used a GoPro so it was a fun learning experience for them.

Were they doing the editing or was that mostly you?

Noah did everything by himself, he didn’t ask for any help at all. But the other guys had never really edited, so I was giving them tips about how to start it and finish it and everything in between, but they would pick their own clips and decide how they wanted to tell the story of their trip to Bali. By the end they were getting pretty into it, filming time-lapses and trippy angles and stuff.

Where do you see GoPro in 2-5-10 years?

I can't wait to see how the company builds with not just camera technology but accessories drones etc. I think it will be more than a camera company but a media company, accessory company production company just a huge brand as a whole. Bigger and better than it is already.

Any new technologies or secret you can spill about GoPro?

They announced the drone which should be released soon, but apart from that I can't really say much except a lot of cool things to come.

Any outside surf athletes or creatives that you think are inspiring to you?

People that inspire me a not professional athletes but just people in the masses that try original angles and get creative.

So, who won this year's GoPro Filmmakers Challenge?

I think Noah understood before the trip how to use the GoPro and show personality through the edit. After the first day he had already made a clip – I think he made like three clips in total, and everybody else only made one. It was clear that he really wanted to focus on that, and he ended up winning the GoPro Challenge – so that determination definitely paid off.