11. Imaikalani DeVault
November 12, 1997 // Kula, Hawaii

The Valley Isle's Imaikalani DeValult is yet another contender from Maui poised to break onto the world stage. Like so many of the other Maui boys that came before him, Imai's stomping grounds are the rippable peaks of Ho'okipa. Above the lip, he's on the same level as many of his peers and his style is downright buttery. Although he's had some solid results in the past, for Imaikalani to further his career to the next level, he'll need to make another hard push on the contest scene next year. Lucky for him, he's got Volcom's esteemed coach, Dave Riddle, in his corner lighting the path ahead.

12. Pat Curren
November 13, 1996 // Santa Barbara, California

Little Pat Curren was born with all the natural advantages an aspiring pro surfer could dream of. Not only is he the son of the best surfer California's ever produced (Tom), but he's also the grandson of a true big-wave pioneer and master craftsman (Pat), and his last name has garnered him sponsorship since he could paddle into a wave by himself. But he isn't just some product of surf nepotism. Pat's as technically sound as surfers half a decade his senior, and a recent finals appearance at the Surfing America U.S. Championships at Lower Trestles is proof of his budding competitive zeal. Ironically, in the next phase of his surf career, his biggest challenge will likely be getting out of the long shadows of his family.

Kai Hing. Photo: Bosko

13. Kai Hing
May 23, 1997 // Sunshine Coast, Australia

Kai Hing is the youngest ever Under-16 Australian titleholder, and has trained with the likes of Julian Wilson and Mick Fanning at their development camps. He’s also an adept gymnast, going so far as to train for three hours a day in order to compete at the national level. Despite his hectic schedule, Hing still sticks to an arduous regimen of surf training as well, which makes him one of the most athletic, and driven, young surfers in Australia.

14. Noah Schweizer
October 17, 1995 // New Smyrna Beach, Florida

This 15-year-old ripper out of New Smyrna Beach is starting to gain momentum as one of the best up-and-comers from the East Coast. Noah took first place in the Open Juniors division at the 2010 NSSA East Coast Championships, and currently sits in the No. 1 spot in both the Open Men and Junior divisions of the NSSA Southeast/North conference. Although Noah is rather small in stature, and subsequently lacking in power, he more than makes up for it with his incredible agility above the lip. He's a skilled barrel rider as well, making him a serious threat in East Coast competitions whenever the waves pick up.

15. Nic Hernandez
October 29, 1996 // Santa Cruz, California

The cold water and incredible variety of surf in Santa Cruz has produced some of the most well rounded surfers. Nic Hdez, as he's dubbed himself, hails from the Westside, and is taking notes from fellow local standouts Nat Young and Adam Replogle on how to make an impression. With experience on the rippable points as well as the big, powerful peaks near his hometown, Nic's comfort in a variety of conditions gives him a considerable edge over his peers.

16. Colt Ward
April 28, 1997 // San Clemente, California

This stylish young ripper has improved by leaps and bounds in the past year. His contest results speak for themselves, reaching the finals in four out of the five Surfing America Primes that he entered, and placing fifth in the NSSA Nationals Open Boys division. His impeccably clean lines have served him well competitively, but Colt is likely to start turning heads with his freesurfing very soon and has plans to do more traveling to gather video footage in the near future.

Jake Marshall. Photo: Ellis

17. Jake Marshall
November 12, 1998 // Encinitas, California

What sets Jake apart from the current crop of young talent is his drive to excel in his surfing, and whatever else he takes aim at. He's fiercely competitive, winning the Under-12 division at the Surfing America Championships at Trestles last summer as the youngest member of the USA team. But his focus isn't limited to competitive surfing. Jake is a straight-A student, and takes better care of himself than most seasoned pros with a strict vegetarian diet and a daily yoga regimen. With such a solid base already established, he should have no trouble moving up through the ranks in the coming years.

18. Griffin Colapinto
June 20, 1998 // San Clemente, CA

After watching a few of Griffin Colapinto's highlight reels, complete with full-rotation airs and deep-rail laybacks, it's tough to believe that he wasn't even a teenager when the video was cut. Competitively, he found success this year when he placed fourth in the finals at Nationals. With all of the talent that Griffin has displayed at such a young age, it's not hard to imagine a big future for the kid.

19. Sebastien Williams
January 23, 1991 // Oaxaca, Mexico

At only 10 years old, Mexico's Sebastian Williams is already pulling into double-overheard barrels, has a flawless cutback on lockdown, and is stomping massive airs regularly. Calling the world-class set-ups of Mainland Mexico home, Sebastian has developed a sense of poise in conditions that would leave most of us weak in the knees. Having also had the opportunity to train at one of the prestigious Red Bull Rising camps in Mexico recently, it's safe to say that Sebastian's talent is on the industry's radar.

20. Colin Deveze
October 22, 1997 // San Clemente, CA

As the latest upstart from San Clemente, 13-year-old Colin Deveze has been turning a lot of heads lately with his high-flying approach in the lineup. Having honed his style at Lowers, it's hard to believe that Colin is barely a teenager. A win in the 12-and-Under division of Rip Curl's West Coast GromSearch means He is already building a formidable reputation as a fierce competitor as well.

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