31. Billy Kemper
April 14, 1990 // Paia, Hawaii

Another unsung hero from the Valley Island, Maui's Billy Kemper has all of the talent and competitive success required to be a major name in surfing, but has yet to find his place in the limelight. Despite having all of the right weapons, Billy also remains unsponsored. Competitively, he has shined at the regional level where he won the HIC Pro at Sunset Beach along with the 2010 ASP Hawaii Regional title. Prior to his success in the singlet last year, Billy was primarily renowned for his hard-charging approach at Jaws and other outer reefs. In the future, look for him to continue rushing massive surf while further solidifying his place in the islands' professional contest circuit.

Keanu Asing. Photo: Maassen

32. Keanu Asing
May 30, 1993 // Ewa Beach, Hawaii

As focused and serious as any surfer on this list, Ewa Beach's Keanu Asing is hell bent on building a successful future in professional surfing. Extremely accomplished competitively—in the short course of his budding career, he's garnered just about every Junior win imaginable in Hawaii—Keanu has built himself a structured lifestyle with the eventual goal of gaining a spot on the World Tour. Over the course of the past few years, Keanu has acted as a protégé to Jordy Smith where he's learned the ins and outs of what it takes to compete at the elite level. Well-spoken, earnest, and talented, it's going to take a lot to derail him.

Parker Coffin. Photo: Ellis

33. Parker Coffin
September 26, 1995 // Santa Barbara, California

Being the younger brother of a phenomenal surfer can be difficult, but it's clear that Parker is not just living in his brother's shadow. With a complete package of incredible freesurfing, a colorful personality, and a string of regional contest results to back up all the hype that surrounds him, Parker's proved he's more than just another kid with a full bag of tricks. His blog, filled with offbeat commentary and videos of amazing surfing and hilarious interactions, foreshadows an successful and exciting surf career for the Santa Barbara standout.

34. Tanner Hendrickson
May 3, 1992 // Paia, Hawaii

Hailing from what is undoubtedly one of surfing's greatest talent pools, Maui's Tanner Hendrickson occupies an unusual place in the island's pantheon. By no means considered underground—Tanner has spent some time in the limelight and recently garnered three titles at the regional level—he has yet to find the same degree of success as the likes of Kai Barger and Dusty Payne. This is not for a lack of talent. Witness Tanner on a right-hand point and it's hard not to draw a comparison to Mick Fanning. But for Tanner to progress to the level, he'll need a breakout moment at the national and international level.

35. Albee Layer
July 3, 1991 // Haiku, Hawaii

Despite being able to tackle 25-foot Jaws and stick one of his signature inverted punts when the surf drops, Albee Layer remains one of the most anonymous surfers in Hawaii. To his credit, he's on a mission to do something about it and is currently working on a new Innersection segment that will undoubtedly fill some empty real estate on his resume. He's also been doing as many contests as he can fit into his budget, which shows Layer not only has a healthy work ethic, but that he's completely committed to taking his talent to the next level.

36. Cristobol de Col
June 28, 1993 // Lima, Peru

At just 17 years old, this talented Peruvian has already proven himself as a national surfing champion and one of the best young surfers rising up through the ranks in South America. He can huck technical aerials and throw fins-free reverses with the best of them, but it's obvious that his real talent is in the tube. He's incredibly comfortable riding the foam ball and sneaking out of impossibly deep barrels, which is why he easily took the win in perfect overhead surf at the 2010 Cabo Blanco Tuberiding Invitational. Look for him to continue putting together impressive performances in and out of a jersey this year.

37. Koa Smith
January 2, 1995 // Kilauea, Hawaii

One of the central figures on the Hot 100 for years, 2010 saw Koa Smith graduate from the grom division into the men's. In lockstep with his promotion, Koa now looks—and more importantly, surfs—like a full-grown man. In the past year, he has kept his successful competitive pace with a solid showing on the contest scene, but has shown the most development when the conditions turn harrowing. With a long list of accolades behind him, and a newfound taste for deadly slabs and second reefers, we expect to see Koa at the head of the pack for years to come.

38. Jacob Halstead
May 4, 1994 // La Jolla, California

Jacob Halstead spent 2010 building on the momentum he established in 2009. His highlights over the past 12 months included a silver medal at 2010 ISA World Juniors in New Zealand, and an NSSA California state title. Regularly setting himself apart from the pack in the talent-rich lineups of La Jolla, Halstead is on track to find a nice balance between freesurfing notoriety and competitive accomplishment. Expect him to step up his game at the Pro Junior level over the next few years as his surfing continues to mature.

39. Garrett Parkes
July 22, 1991 // Byron Bay, Australia

Garrett Parkes' freesurfing has kept him part of the conversation when it comes to the best young surfers in the world. His accolades in that department include clips shredding alongside the likes of Dane Reynolds in the Young Guns series, as well as waves in Dude Cruise. And while he's still searching for a big competitive result, a semifinal finish in the Oakley Pro Junior at Stradbroke Island in February suggests he may be gaining the momentum needed to achieve exactly that.

40. Chad du Toit
May 14, 1990 // Durban, South Africa

At only 20 years of age, South Africa's Chad du Toit is already considered a journeyman of sorts. Having grown up surfing alongside Jordy Smith, Chad's name has been bouncing around pro surfing circles for years, but it's only in the past two that he's come into his own in the competitive realm. Chad finished second to Shaun Joubert overall in the ASP Africa Pro Junior Rankings in 2010, while also collecting a string of international results. Possessing a fully stocked aerial arsenal, Chad's success hinges on how he handles the transition from the Junior circuit into the big leagues.

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