41. Ryan Callinan
May 27, 1992 // Newcastle, Australia

With so many young Australians taking aerial surfing to the next level, it's never been harder to stand out from the pack, but that is exactly what Ryan Callinan does when his board leaves the lip. This 18-year-old Newcastle surfer has had a few competitive successes over the past few years, but it's his electrifying airs that he has mastered through his freesurfing that are starting to turn heads. He is fully capable of mixing it up with different rotations, grabs, and flips with a degree of style and poise that is rare in surfers his age. Any of Ryan's recent video clips are evidence enough that this young Aussie will have a bright future as an aerial innovator.

42. Perth Standlick
July 6, 1990 // Bondi Beach, Australia

Perth Standlick is not a stereotypical Aussie contest fiend. In fact, he's the opposite. Growing up in Bondi, Perth has taken all the influences Sydney's cultural diversity has to offer and somehow rolled it into his surf life. The result is a young personality who is defined by more than just his aerial repertoire, his fearless approach in waves of consequence, and his smooth, flowing style. Ironically, however, his ability to straddle the fine line between surf star and socialite will be his biggest challenge if he wants his professional career to flourish.

43. Evan Thompson
January 22, 1992 // Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Evan Thomson knows how to lock down a video segment, get the shot, and clear sections with a lot of speed, air, and rotation—all of which are essential skills. He's also been known to pull in the occasional contest result. This year he finished seventh on the North America Pro Junior Tour and competed in Narrabeen at Worlds. The only real gaping hole in his resume is a statement-making win at a big-time event, but he clearly has the talent to get one, and has been flirting with making a breakthrough for a while. Chances are good it will happen sooner rather than later.

44. Krystian Kymerson
December 24, 1992 // Barrao, Brazil

Further proof that Brazil's hottest exports extend beyond just acai and lusty bathing suits, Krystian Kymerson is the latest Brazilian to take the surf world by storm. Like Jadson Andre, Miguel Pupo, and Gabriel Medina before him, the biggest gun in Krystian's arsenal is his aerial repitoire. In an age where every junior can punt to the sun, Krystian has upped the ante with a variety of tweaks and rotations that redefine what we thought was possible. Krystian boosted onto the winner's podium at the Oakley Pro Junior in Stradbroke Island to take a win over some of the best juniors in the business. Remember his name, you'll be hearing a lot more from Krystian Kymerson in the future.

45. Matt Banting
June 25, 1995 // Port Macquarie, Australia

In 2010, Matt Banting became the ISA under-16 World Junior Champ. He also won the Quiksilver King of the Groms title, a pair of accolades that earned him a wildcard slot into the Quik Pro on the Gold Coast where he faced off against Kelly Slater in Round One. At just 15, he's already the youngest men's World Tour wildcard recipient ever, and has faced off against the most dominant competitor in the history of our sport. With his own World Title to defend as well, it's fair to say the kid is well seasoned. Watch out for him—in a jersey and out—over the next few years.

46. Kaimana Jaquias
February 26, 1993 // Lihue, Hawaii

Calling one of Hawaii's outer islands home can be a double-edged sword. You may have world-class waves in your backyard, but being so removed from the industry can make it difficult to find your place in the spotlight—just ask Kauai's Kaimana Jaquias. Remarkably talented in an array of conditions, Kaimana is one of the most capable teenagers coming out of Hawaii today. As proof, he claimed an Open Men's win at the NSSA Nationals last year—one of the premiere accolades for today's juniors—but because he remains so far removed from the industry, he has yet to achieve the star power of many of his contemporaries. His surfing is there, but for Kaimana to succeed on the world stage, he'll need to spend more time on Oahu and in Southern California.

Fisher Heverly. Photo: Noyle

47. Fisher Heverly
February 2, 1991 // Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Seen on the North Shore this winter snagging the occasional bomb at Pipe and Backdoor, Fisher Heverly has excelled at every tier of competition along the way to the Pro Junior ranks. He's a former ESA and NSSA East Coast Champion. He's made finals at Nationals. He's represented his country internationally as a member of the USA Surf Team. Last year, he finished 15th overall on the North America Pro Junior Tour, and while that result wasn't the most noteworthy way to end the season, his motto for 2011 is "win everything." The next 12 months will prove whether he's up to the task.

Taylor Clark. Photo: Glaser

48. Taylor Clark
September 23, 1995 // Encinitas, California

Ranked at No. 1 in the NSSA Open Junior division, and No. 4 in the Open Men division, it's clear that the talented goofyfooter out of Encinitas has got some serious competitive chops. Whether the waves are head-high and perfect, or knee-high slop, Taylor knows how to dig deep and pack as many fins-free turns and powerful hacks into a heat as possible. His surfing is as stylish and dynamic as much older competitors, which is why he remains such a threat to those above his age group in the NSSA Open Men’s division.

49. Colin Moran
March 22, 1995 // Costa Mesa, California

This Costa Mesa kid is just starting to find his way into the limelight with his skillful and spontaneous tail releases. For a 15-year-old, Colin has a significantly larger frame than many of his peers, but growth spurts haven't kept him from taking his surfing above the lip. He still appears incredibly light-footed in his approach, throwing his fins out in full reverses with style and consistency. Colin can also transition his top-notch freesurfing into the competitive realm, which he made clear with his VQS Championships win in May against some of his most talented peers, including Koa Smith and Ian Gentil.

Michael Dunphy. Photo: Burkard

50. Michael Dunphy
June 29, 1990 // Virginia Beach, Virginia

It's not easy coming from a wave-starved zone like Virginia Beach, but Michael Dunphy has used the past few years to escape, posting up in places like Hawaii, California, Panama, Australia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. The payoff has not only been finding solid surf, but magazine, photo, and video exposure as well. Competitively, Dunphy also came online in 2010, finishing in 10th overall on the North America Pro Junior Tour, in addition to a win at the ASP Belmar Pro Junior in September.

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