51. Creed McTaggart
January 26, 1994 // Margaret River, Australia

Creed McTaggart's favorite wave is the infamous west Australian slab "The Box." Creed also likes hardcore music. Put the two together and you'd think you had another crazy slab-hunter on your hands. The truth is, Creed McTaggart is a lot more than that. He's an exceptionally talented surfer who is as comfortable above a lip as he is below one. A regular on the top of the podium at Taj's Small Fries competition as well as the winner of the 2010 Occy Grom comp, Creed's recent competitive success is just another indicator of very big things to come.

52. Lahiki Minamishin
May 1, 1994 // Kona, Hawaii

When Shane Dorian and Dave Riddle both claim a surfer to be one of the most naturally gifted talents they've ever seen, people tend to take notice. Such is the case for the Big Island's Lahiki Minamishin. Although he won the Open Junior division at the NSSA Hawaii Regionals last year, Lahiki is capable of going toe-to-toe with the best juniors in the world. With one of the smoothest and quickest styles of any surfer on this list, there is the potential for a bright future.

53. Ian Crane
February 10, 1995 // San Clemente, California

Sure-footed and powerful, Ian Crane is a USA Surf Team member, on the state-championship-winning San Clemente High School surf team, and a regular fixture in the lineups of southern Orange County. He's also an NSSA and ISA standout. He says his goals for 2011 include a win at among the Pro Junior ranks, followed, eventually, by qualification for the World Juniors at Narrabeen. In 2010, he finished 33rd on the North America Pro Junior tour, surfing regularly against guys more than four years his senior. Recently recovered from injury, Crane is undoubtedly poised to keep progressing in 2011.

54. Mateia Hiquily
October 29, 1995 // Papeete, Tahiti

This 15-year-old Tahitian ripper has been dominating his regional contest scene for years, and it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world starts to take notice. Mateia's most impressive surfing happens above the lip, where he is capable of pulling big rotations with height and style. Growing up in Tahiti also means that skilled barrel riding is in his blood, and his exposure is bound to increase in the coming years if he takes his tuberiding talents to consequential reef breaks worldwide.

55. Koa Rothman
December 16, 1993 // Sunset Beach, Oahu

Younger brother to Makau Rothman, Koa has built a hard-charging reputation over the past few winters. Like his older brother, he can hold his own at Rocky Point but doesn't truly shine until the conditions grow treacherous. Case in point: recently at the Volcom Pipe Pro, Koa put on a balls-to-the-wall display, pulling into every heaver he could find and earning more than a few nods of approval in the process.

56. Carlos Muñoz
January 28, 1993 // Esterios Oeste, Costa Rica

A three-time Costa Rican national champ, Carlos Muñoz has been touted by many to be the most promising young surfer coming out of all of Latin America. He finished ninth overall in the junior category at the ISA World Games in 2010, and in 2009 turned in several notable performances in the Open division when the ISA visited his home country. Smooth in freesurfs with a laidback style, Muñoz has access to some of the most consistent beachbreaks in Central America. Those factors should translate to even more success as he continues to add speed and power to his already polished skill set.

Dane Zaun. Photo: Lowe-White

57. Dane Zaun
January 4, 1991 // Manhattan Beach, California

Hailed as one of the best young surfers to come from Los Angeles' South Bay since Alex Gray, Dane Zaun is an amazing freesurfer who has obvious talent above the lip. He can boost with the best of them, with the ability to pack multiple airs into a single wave whenever the sections present themselves. Although no one will argue that Dane is a talented and progressive surfer, he hasn't continued to post the impressive competitive results that he turned heads with as a Junior.

58. Makai McNamara
March 7, 1995 // Rocky Point, Oahu

Like his brother Landon and his father Liam, Makai McNamara's future lies in the family business of charging waves that make most of us tremble. Granted, the teenage regularfoot is quite capable of getting lofty when the section permits, but it's his infatuation with double-overhead Second Reefers that will carry him forward. As Makai develops, expect him and his brother to continue to push the envelope in heavy conditions.

59. Beyrick De Vries
December 14, 1992 // Durban, South Africa

Transitioning from teenager to manhood can wreak havoc on a fledgling pro career. But when your act is as tight as Beyrick De Vries' that awkward stage is just a speed bump. With a full bag of tricks and a textbook frontside carve, Beyrick looks set to join a successful list of surfers (including Jordy Smith, Dave Weare, and Travis Logie) who have honed their craft at Durban's New Pier. When Beyrick adds a few pounds and gets comfortable bigger surf, he'll be a force to be reckoned with on the international stage.

60. Nathan Florence
June 10, 1994 // Pupukea, Hawaii

With older brother John illuminating the way forward, Nathan Florence is developing into an extremely adept young surfer. Having grown up with all of the keys to a successful career, Nathan's been spotted holding his own at Pipe and has also been seen tearing the living hell out of the sandbar in front of his house. Having a firsthand perspective on the ins and outs of what it takes to make it as a young pro today—in the form of his older brother—will prove to be an invaluable asset for Nathan.

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