Paige Hareb. Photo: Maassen

11. Paige Hareb
June 6, 1990 // Taranaki, New Zealand

In 2009, Paige Hareb joined the ASP World Tour as the lone—and first-ever—New Zealander surfing at the elite level. In 2010, she amassed quarterfinal finishes at the Tour events in New Zealand, Peru, and Portugal, and ended the year ranked ninth overall. Paige has a more understated flair compared to some of her fellow female surfers, but what she lacks in flamboyance, she makes up for with a solid backhand arsenal and the ability to consistently make it through heats. On a Tour now dominated by hungry young surfers who command attention, Paige may need to find a way to get herself noticed if she wants to continue moving up the ranks.

12. Pauline Ado
February 21, 1990 // Biarritz, France

One of France's brightest young stars, Pauline Ado was first European to win the ASP World Junior Championships in 2009. In 2010, she was the ASP Europe Women's Champion and finished the season ranked seventh on the World Rankings. She’ll be among the crop of promising young rookies joining the 2011 ASP World Tour. Raised on the beachbreaks of the Basque Country and Southern France, Pauline will use that to her advantage as she navigates the handful of beachbreaks included on Tour.

13. Bruna Schmitz
April 3, 1990 // Matinhos, Brazil

After two years on the World Tour, Bruna Schmitz just missed requalification for the 2011 season. But that's not to say that the Brazilian talent will slip off our collective radars. In fact, she's been catching the eye of mainstream media so much that Sports Illustrated recently chose her to appear in their 2011 Swimsuit Issue. Bruna has over 30 surfing titles in Brazil and as she continues to compete this year, it's safe to say we'll be seeing more from her.

14. Alizee Arnaud
February 15, 1990 // Capbreton, France

Alizee Arnaud made her surprising entry onto the world's stage when she was crowned the 2010 ASP World Junior Champion in January. With a second-place finish at the World Junior in Bali and a third at the event at Narrabeen, Alizee accumulated enough points to take the title—an honor achieved in 2009 by fellow Frenchie Pauline Ado. If she continues this run, Alizee could prove to be another frontrunner amid the European contingent, and follow Ado's path to the World Tour.

15. Bianca Buitendag
November 9, 1993 // Victoria Bay, South Africa

While it seemed Bianca virtually came out of nowhere to take the win at the Billabong ASP World Junior in Narrabeen in early 2011, she's dominated the competitive surf scene in South Africa for years, having won nearly every contest she entered in 2009 and 2010. Finishing the 2010 World Junior Tour ranked second overall, Bianca is set to become the next big thing out of South Africa. If she chooses to focus her energy on making the Tour, she certainly has it in her.

16. Sage Erickson
December 28, 1990 // Ventura, CA

After an impressive amateur career, in 2009, Sage finished second at the U.S Open in Huntington and took the Pro Junior title at the same event in 2010. Sage has continuously climbed the ranks, missing 2011 World Tour qualification by several slots. As her contemporaries continue to push the realm of what is possible for female surfing, she'll need to up her progressive game if she wants to compete with the best. Hopefully she'll be able to nab a few solid results on the WQS this year and find her way to the Tour in 2012.

Felicity Palmeteer. Photo: Maassen

17. Felicity Palmeteer
August 4, 1992 // Trigg Beach, Australia

Despite a string of solid finishes on both the Pro Junior and WQS levels in 2010, Felicity missed 2011 World Tour qualification by just two slots. Felicity has made her mark on the Australian contest circuit with a string of solid finishes, and as she makes her way to the big leagues in the coming year, look for some solid competitive finishes from this powerful West Oz standout.

18. Alessa Quizon
January 2, 1994 // Waianae, Hawaii

With second-place finishes at both the 2009 Billabong World Junior Championships and 2010 ISA World Junior Championships in New Zealand, Alessa made her entrance onto the global surf scene. Also a former NSSA National champion and World Tour event wildcard, this West Side wonder will makes her way from the Junior ranks to the upper levels of professional surfing in the coming year. Don't be surprised if she's the next Hawaiian talent to make her mark at the Word Tour level.

19. Nagé Melamed
November 13, 1991 // Hanalei, Hawaii

After a successful NSSA career, Nagé placed second at both the 2010 NSSA Nationals in the Open Women division and the 2010 Rip Curl International Gromsearch at Bells before going on to finish 20th overall the WQS. Nagé has the talent, personality, and good looks to make it to the top of the radar, but coming from a talent-rich community of young rippers, and she'll need to step up her game if she wants to make it to the level of her fellow Kauai standouts.

20. Monyca Byrne-Wickey
July 26, 1990 // Hana, Hawaii

Monyca Byrne-Wickey may not have the competitive results of her fellow Top 20, but where she lacks in heat scores she makes up in exposure. Monyca has spent the few years filming for various projects, including Hana Surf Girls, a documentary about her life as a young Maui surfer, and Nike's soon-to-be released surf flick, Leave a Message. Making her transition from competitive force to freesurfing wonder while maintaining a mainstream presence is no easy feat, but Monyca has managed to do it seamlessly.

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