Learn your Frontside Air Reverse from the creator and commissioner of WSL RedBull Airborne – Josh Kerr. In this tutorial, Josh teaches you step by step how to dial in your airs and the popular Frontside Air Reverse. With his incredible pro insight and digital drawing on the screens of this tutorial, you will be adding this trick frequently in your sessions. As Josh explains, it all starts with the basics and getting your rotation. To get the energy into your air it’s all about a good bottom turn. With a strong bottom turn you will be set up to get your air. Then it’s all about using your arms to create momentum and timing it right. Combined with your head placement, you will be flowing your frontside air reverse around. Josh dives deeper in this tutorial, sharing the secrets to help you take your frontside air reverse bigger and with more style. This lesson is awesome and will have you ripping Frontside Air Reverses like Josh.