Add more functionality to your surfing by learning the Backside Floater with WSL legend Josh Kerr. He fast tracks your learning with his next level pro video analysis and digital drawing on his tutorial video, highlighting for you the proper movements to nail BS Floaters. His visual training is spot on, helping you get better faster. As Josh recommends in this tutorial, it’s good to have both your FS Floater and your BS Floater. However, the BS Floater is a little more difficult to learn and he shares the secrets to learning this go to maneuver. Dialing in BS Floaters helps you manage speed down the line, whether to gain more speed and/or to get over a section and back on the face of the wave. Josh teaches you the specifics on how to get on top of the lip section with the correct weight distribution, leveraging your arms and feet, all combined to stay smooth and in control through the entire maneuver.