It seems I may have jumped the gun just a little bit.

Being a tad lazy in my forecasting, and thinking the best of Hermine had already passed, I made this preemptively pejorative statement about the worthiness of the east coast’s most current tropical system:

While better than Gaston, wave-wise, Hermine was really just another mediocre tropical storm. The trouble she caused wasn’t outweighed by the waves she produced, and therefore the whole thing was fairly pointless.

It turns out, much to my embarrassment, that Hermine had a lot left in the tank -- case in point: the last 48 hours in New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina. I would like to offer my sincere apologies to anyone I may have offended, particularly Hermine, who turned out to be a seriously potent system with great conditions for much of the Atlantic seaboard.

But that’s enough from me. A man can only apologize so much before it becomes silly and trite. I’ll let the photos below speak towards my ignorance and general not-goodness. –Michael Ciaramella

Photos in order of appearance: Outer Banks. Photo: Daniel Pullen, Zack Humphries, Photo: Ruddy, Brett Barley, Photo: Ruddy, Photo: Daniel Pullen, Cam Richards, Photo: Ruddy, Photo: Joseph O'Connor, Mike Gleason, Photo: Mike Nelson, New York, Photo: Mike Nelson , Jon Smyth, Photo: Christor Lukaiewicz, Andrew Jacobson, Photo: Daniel Pullen, Damien Hobgood, Photo: Ruddy, Brett Barley, Photo: Daniel Pullen, Photo: Daniel Pullen