Will Hunt

Earlier this week, chargers waxed up their guns and flocked to Maui’s premier big-wave venue for a day of pulsing swell and premium conditions. As scary as it looks, this is about as inviting as Jaws ever gets. Maui local Will Hunt, looking casual. Photo: Noyle

Billy Kemper

After taking home a massive win at the Pe’ahi Challenge last month, local boy Billy Kemper returned to his stomping grounds and nabbed this one for himself, sans jersey. If El Nino plays out as forecasted, this is just the start of an epic season for Kemper. Photo: Noyle


The lineup, reaching maximum occupancy. Photo: Noyle

Shane Dorian

Intrepid big-wave charger Shane Dorian, getting an unsettling perspective of
the Jaws bowl. Photo: Aeder

Albee Layer

Maui’s favorite son, Albee Layer, drawing from his extensive experience to draw
an expert line. Photo: Noyle


Few things could be more terrifying than skipping across the water while looking at a thick mountain of water about to descend on your head. Unidentified, searching for
his happy place. Photo: Noyle

Ian Walsh

Big-wave stalwart Ian Walsh, capitalizing on the first Jaws swell of 2016. Photo: Aeder

Aaron Gold

North Shore charger Aaron Gold, cutting through the chop with plenty of poise.
Photo: Noyle

Aaron Gold

The only way out is through the belly of the beast. Gold, keeping his eyes glued to the approaching section. Photo: Noyle

Francisco Porcella

Francisco Porcella, brother of Niccolo, hitting the eject button after falling victim to some stiff offshores. Photo: Noyle

Kai Lenny and Unidentified

Kai Lenny out in front, sharing the bowl with an unidentified charger. Photo: Aeder

Kai Lenny and Unidentified

Plenty of room for two in the pocket of this Maui monster. Photo: Aeder

Kai Lenny and Unidentified

It helps to have brightly colored sleds once the lights go dark after going deep.
Photo: Aeder

Albee Layer

There were still some unruly waves plowing through the lineup this week at Jaws.
Here, Albee Layer takes the notorious Jaws airdrop in stride. Photo: Noyle

Lapo Coutinho

Lapo Coutinho, disconnected with fingers crossed. Photo: Noyle


Harness the energy of one of these bad boys and you can power every house in Maui
for a month. Photo: Noyle

Niccolo Porcella

Francisco Porcella, grabbing rail on a throaty one. Photo: Noyle

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton, starting her Jaws debut with a bang. Her newborn son has no idea how badass his mom is. Not yet, anyway. Photo: Aeder