Tyler Larronde

The first major swell of 2016 was still pulsing in the Pacific, and Jaws upped the ante yet again. Here, Tyler Larronde negotiates the elevator drop and stiff offshores.
Photo: Bielmann

Albee Layer

Albee Layer's had quite a bit to say about the madness that's descended on his beloved Pe'ahi this season. But Albee's one of those guys who lets his surfing do maybe even more talking than he does. Photo: Bielmann

Josh Redman

Josh Redman finding a clean little corner roll-in. Photo: Bielmann


Unidentified, muscling a bottom turn on a dreamy one. Photo: Bielmann

Tyler Larronde

Tyler Larronde channeling Lopez at Pipe on this hollow-inside Pe'ahi bowl.
Photo: Bielmann

Francisco Porcella

Francisco Porcella, pig-dogging on a bright blue bomb. Photo: Bielmann


Unidentified, gunning it for the shoulder through the bowl. Photo: Dougan

Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh driving through what has to be one of the best barrels of the season.
Photo: Dougan


With dozens of skis and hundreds of boards bobbing in the lineup, an unridden nugget is a rare thing at Pe'ahi this season. Photo: Dougan

Ryan Seelbach

San Francisco charger Ryan Seelbach in a steep sweet spot at Jaws. Photo: Dougan


"Did you see my Can-Can?" Photo: Noyle

Anthony Tashnick

Anthony Tashnick, a favorite to watch wherever the waves go XXL. Photo: Noyle

Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny, enjoying the view as one spins by. Photo: Noyle


Wide-open, and very blue. Photo: Noyle

Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh, no time to take in the view. Photo: Noyle

Greg Long

Greg Long hasn't strayed far from Maui these last few weeks, and for good reason.
Photo: Aeder

Ryan Seelbach

Ryan Seelbach, a working-class Mavs hero, trading in his sharky cold caverns for some warm blue pits. Photo: Aeder


Unidentified, choosing his path before the lip chooses for him. Photo: Aeder


Dozens bob on-deck for a crack at Pe'ahi. Photo: Aeder

Tyler Larronde

Tyler Larronde, full steam ahead. Photo: Aeder

Tanner Hendrickson

Tanner Hendrickson sticking the drop from way back. Photo: Aeder

Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh, losing altitude in a hurry. Photo: Aeder