From near-missed flights to close calls with malaria, Leo Fioravanti and Josh Moniz got more than they bargained for on their strike mission to Papua New Guinea. And the prize was worth it: an untapped coastline of rich culture, dense jungle, and pristine waves. For the visiting surfers, Papua New Guinea embodied the type of surf destination that is becoming increasingly difficult to find—one where amenities are few, and the opportunities for genuine adventure abound. Though many of the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea living in coastal villages had seen surfing before, they were nonetheless enthused enough to climb an improvised driftwood scaffolding and cheer as Fioravanti, Moniz, and San Diego's Jackson Butler put on a show. After trading perfect sets in PNG's high-performance playground, the surfers decided to help some of the locals find their own sea legs in some of the area's gentler fare. For the well-traveled Fioravanti and Moniz, it was hard to tell whether it was their own waves, or those they pushed the locals into, that made this such an unforgettable journey.