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December 2010

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About the Mag

Known as "the bible of the sport," SURFER Magazine has been the foremost authority on surf culture since its founding in 1960. Every issue is packed with award-winning photography, provocative interviews, and travel features to the world's most exotic surf locales.

In This Issue

  • Profile: Brian Conley

    Brian Conley’s fixation with capturing the essence of tube-riding has produced the most extensive and detailed catalog of inside-the-tube-POV documentation on the planet. Alex Wilson pries into the mind of a man obsessed.

  • Graj-Again

    Once a mythic tropical frontier, the G-Land of today is more surf camp than land of uncharted exploration. Sean Doherty and a multi-generational crew return to a place that has evolved, but still remains very much a dreamland.

  • Ingrained

    Dave Rastovich finds solitude and stoke in America’s Great Northeast.

  • Searching for Russell Crotty

    Kimball Taylor gets a glimpse into the shrouded world of the minimalist surf artist.

  • The Big Spin

    From the Northeast to Florida, Hurricanes Danielle and Earl showered the East Coast with swell. A photo feature from an epic run.

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