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February 2010

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Known as "the bible of the sport," SURFER Magazine has been the foremost authority on surf culture since its founding in 1960. Every issue is packed with award-winning photography, provocative interviews, and travel features to the world's most exotic surf locales.

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    More than half a decade after his split from competitive surfing, Dan Malloy remains a prominent character in the surf world. By reinventing himself, he’s helped to create a new niche in surfing and seems to have found a way to outrun the often-short lifespan of a pro surfer. Brad Melekian spent some time in Dan Country, trying to understand the trajectory of one of surfing’s mystery men.


    The kickoff of a yearlong coaching session with the nine-time World Champ. In this 12-lesson series, he’ll help you hone the finer points of your surfing, find power in places you least expect it, and approach waves from angles you didn’t know existed.


    The west coast of Africa is riddled with left points, yet its remoteness and war-torn history have left it virtually untouched by surfers. SURFER’s Africa Correspondents Brendon Bosworth and Alan Van Gysen made the 6,800-mile round-trip trek from South Africa to Angola in hopes of unearthing Africa’s last unexploited resource.


    Eyewitness accounts of the devastation wreaked on Indonesia and Samoa in the wake of a series of catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis from surfers who experienced their aftermath firsthand.


    Julian Wilson and Kolohe Andino teamed up with photographers Grant Ellis and Todd Glaser in Nicaragua to see if they could capture exact moments from two different angles. The result is a new way to look at surfing.

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