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  • Chasing the Chubasco

    After a wave-starved summer, Hurricane Marie sent a barrage of swell toward Southern California, creating some of the biggest and best waves the coast has ever seen.

  • Life On Mars

    Seventeen-year-old Imogen Caldwell grew up in a Mad Max surf utopia at the edge of Australia’s red desert. Imogen that!

  • Seeds of a Surf Culture

    An excerpt from the new book, John Severson’s SURF.

  • Surfboard Fence

    A brief tour of the world’s largest (and only) surfboard fence.

  • The Culture

    The ghost in the CNC milling machine.

  • What Not To Do In Nicaragua

    Headed to Nicaragua soon? Have a look at this handy-dandy travel guide.

  • The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

    Your SURFER wish list heading into winter.

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