July 2012

  • The Other Side of Paradise

    There’s more to Tahiti than just Teahupoo, just ask Michel Bourez.

  • Third Time Lucky

    When it comes to love and career, Josh Kerr is proof that perseverance pays.

  • The Northern Defense

    Surfers north of San Francisco don’t need to protect their spots. The spots protect themselves.

  • Joel Tudor: Unfiltered

    The longboarding icon on the state of surfing today.

  • Left Behind

    Mark Healey on taming Waimea’s seldom-surfed left-hander.

  • Johnny A.W.O.L.

    At a time when the country embarked on its grandest military adventurism, Johnny, an enlisted soldier, went on a surf adventure.

  • Michael, Myself, & MP

    Remembering the tumultuous life of Australian legend, Michael Peterson.

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