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June 2013

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About the Mag

Known as "the bible of the sport," SURFER Magazine has been the foremost authority on surf culture since its founding in 1960. Every issue is packed with award-winning photography, provocative interviews, and travel features to the world's most exotic surf locales.

In This Issue

  • The Mirage of the Caribbean

    Ben Bourgeois, Dylan Graves, Paul Fisher, and Pat and Tanner Gudauskas at the fringes of perfection.

  • The Spencer Legacy

    As one of the Gulf Coast’s greatest competitors, Yancy Spencer III wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Instead, Sterling Spencer created an entirely new way to dominate pro surfing.

  • In the Cloud

    How online video is accelerating surf innovation.

  • Boy’s Club

    Female big-wave surfers are scarce, and there’s good reason for that.

  • North of Nowhere

    The cold slabs north of Tofino aren’t easy to get to, even when you know where they are.

  • Fringe History

    Revisiting surf journals reveals as much about ourselves as it does about surfing’s hidden past.

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