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May 2011

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About the Mag

Known as "the bible of the sport," SURFER Magazine has been the foremost authority on surf culture since its founding in 1960. Every issue is packed with award-winning photography, provocative interviews, and travel features to the world's most exotic surf locales.

In This Issue

  • Exposure

    See eight redeeming moments from California’s winter.

  • The Ice Age

    Is cold water exploration a stunt, or has it finally lead us to the last frontier of mainstream surf travel.

  • SURFER Profile: The Wrights

    Sean Doherty gets to know the most talented family in surfing.

  • Strange Thoughts in Hot Climates

    Sterling Spencer and Nate Tyler descend into madness under the blistering Nicaragua sun.

  • The Far Side of the Barrier

    Amid a 2,000-mile-long stretch of live coral, a handful of surfers discover one of the best waves in the world.

  • Balsa’s Big Comeback

    Big-wave equipment is moving toward low-tech materials. Is your board next?

  • Hot 100

    The definitive ranking of the world’s best young surfers.

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