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  • The Short(er) Board Revolution

    Rob Machado and Ryan Burch discuss pushing small-wave craft in solid Tahitian barrels.

  • The Green Wave

    Will the eco-friendly surfboard ever expand beyond the niche market?

  • A Sublime Obligation

    Exploring the outermost limits of wave riding through board design.

  • Exposure: Desert Point

    As one of the longest left-hand barrels on the planet, Desert Point stands apart even among Indonesia’s numerous perfect reef passes. That’s why many surfers go there searching for the tubes of their lives.

  • Of Wolf and Man

    As a shaper, Maurice Cole has made great surfboards. He’s also made and lost fortunes. He’s made and lost friends. He’s fought the man, his demons, and cancer. But Maurice Cole is more than a survivor; he’s a resilient bastard.

  • The Culture

    Should all beaches be public?

  • The 2014 Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

    SURFER’s guide to the best rubber.

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