All photos by Corey Wilson.

This is my third year coming to hossegor. The place is incredible – it goes crazy with traveling Europeans throughout the whole summer. Then, when the contest finishes, it turns into a ghost town without a soul in sight.

Each time I have come to hossegor has been completely different. That has a lot to do with the friends you are staying with. I've been hanging with wilko, Gabriel and Tyler Wright the most this trip. Tyler is the girl version of her brother Owen so I am a huge fan. Rip curl got two houses right next to each other this year and everyone just bounces back and forth hanging with each other. After my morning coffee routines with wilko and Lunch dates with Tyler, I hang with Gabriel and go through my Instagram inbox. When Gabriel tags me in something I get his Brazilian fans writing me messages in Portuguese. Some are beautiful girls and others are crazy fans that will do anything for a photo with him. I pass off my phone to him and filter through and find the good ones. When I first met Gabriel he didn't speak a word of English. Now, he's teaching me how to talk to girls in Portuguese. –Corey Wilson