For more than two decades, SURFER Photo Editor Grant Ellis has spent his Decembers walking the trails and beaches between Waimea and Velzyland, snapping photos along the way. And while the lion’s share of any surf photographer’s time is spent behind a long lens, gunning down the world’s best like fish in a, well, barrel, he always carries a trusty rangefinder with a fresh roll of 35mm with him, sure to snap a sunset, lineup, or portrait along the way. Here’s a look at what came back from the darkroom, after a week along the Seven-Mile Miracle.

A small-framed, huge-hearted Hawaiian, Keanu Asing, always a big, positive force.

Torrey Meister's weapons silo.

Legendary breeding ground for prepubescent surf royalty, Sunset Beach Elementary, still celebrating their first World Champion.

Is there a more beautiful little corner of the planet than Rocky Point?

Dylan Graves, Log Cabins.

Coffee talk with Tanner Gudauskas.

Beachfront radical real estate. The RVCA house, flying the Wave Warriors flag proudly.

Young guns: Jet Schilling, Al Cleland Jr., and Kyuss King, at a Wave Warriors 2017 shoot.

John John Florence receiving a camera tutorial while Tanner and Dane Gudauskas look on.

Reef McIntosh, Coco Ho, Flipper, Taylor Knox, Mikala Jones, and Michael Ho.

Herbie Fletcher.

Danny Fuller enjoying a beachfront barber's chair.

Nathan Florence, Wade Goodall, Dylan Graves, Dane Reynolds, Jet Schilling, Kyuss King, and Dane Gudauskas.

A grab bag of surfing's capital "P" Personalities, including Mason Ho, Al Knost, Colin Moran, and Ford Archbold.

John John Florence and his SURFER Awards haul, backstage at the Turtle Bay Resort.